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Mobile game editor for overseas - 海外向けモバイルゲームエディタ

  • Tokyo
  • Experienced (Non - Manager)
  • Permanent
  • 3 - 5 Years
  • 3,000 - 5,000 USD
  • IT - Software
  • 31/08/2020

Job Benefit

  • Insurance
  • Travel opportunities
  • Incentive bonus
  • Health checkup
  • Training & Development
  • Salary review

Job Description

We are looking for Mobile game editor for overseas - 海外向けモバイルゲームエディタ, working in Tokyo, Japan.

[仕事内容]- Work Content 

  • 当社では、女性向けの乙女ケ;ーム、及び、男性向けの美少女ゲームを海外のユーザー向けに届けています。その事業において企画の編集・制作をお任せ致します。様々な企画者、ライター、イラストレーターと一緒に魅力的なストーリーコンテンツを作り上げていきます。コンテンツは基本的に英語で制作されますので、語学力を活かせるポジションです。

We deliver maiden games for women and beautiful girl games for men to overseas users. We will leave the editing and production of the plan in that business. We will create attractive story content with various planners, writers, and illustrators. Content is basically produced in English, so it is a position where you can make full use of your language skills.

  • 世界各国で楽しまれている当社の乙女ゲーム、美少女ゲームを盛り上げていきましょう!

Let's liven up our maiden games and beautiful girl games enjoyed all over the world!

[具体的な業務のイメージ] - Image of specific work


We will recruit and select plans, and in consideration of the content, we will work with external writers and illustrators to produce.


We will check the English scenario received from the writer, give feedback, add lines, etc. to engage in “making the work more interesting” and “to keep the user's heart”.


We will create a character illustration instruction sheet, hold meetings with the illustrator, etc. to create an attractive character that will stick to the user's heart.


The PDCA is passed by analyzing the KPI of the released content and sharing the results internally.

Job Requirement

必須条件 (下記全てを満たす方) - Required conditions (those who meet all of the following)

  • アニメ、ゲーム、映画、小説などエンタメコンテンツが好きな方 - Those who like entertainment contents such as anime, games, movies, and novels
  • TOEIC 800点以上(英語ネイティブでない場合) - TOEIC 800 points or more (if not native English)
  • ビジネスレベル以上の英語力(会話・読み書き両方)- English level at business level or above (both conversation and reading/writing)
  • PCスキル(Word、Excel、Macの使用のご経験) - PC skill (experience of using Word, Excel, Mac)
  • 就労VISA保持者であること(外国籍の場合) - Working VISA holder (for foreign nationals)

[歓迎/尚可] - Welcome/allowable

  • 編集、または企画制作のご経験 - Experience of editing or planning production
  • 外部の制作会社に発注した記事制作のご経験 - Experience creating articles ordered from an external production company
  • Adobe Photoshop、Illustratorの使用のご経験 - Experience using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

[​入社時想定年収] - Expected annual income when joining the company​

  • 350 万円 〜 500 万円 - 3.5 million to 5 million yen
  • 就業時間 - Workingtime:  10:00〜19:00
  • 休憩時間 - Overtime: 60分/hours/month

[待遇条件・昇給賞与] - Conditions of treatment/bonus bonus

※給与詳細は希望に基づき、当社規定により決定します。- Salary details will be determined according to our regulations based on your wishes.

  • 給与改定:年1回(4月)※評価に応じて見直しを行います。- Salary revision: Once a year (April) *We will review according to the evaluation.
  • 賞与:年1回(12月)- Bonus: Once a year (December)
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